Francois Villard Saint Joseph Mairlant White wine

Francois Villard Saint Joseph Mairlant White wine 2022

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Mairlant Blanc Francois Villard is the great vintage of Saint Joseph Blanc and of course it's a killer!
We have everything : fullness, freshness, lenght ! We are big fans but "Mairlant" is rare : only 8500 bottles.

The sommelier info

Francois Villard Saint Joseph Mairlant white wine two iconic grapes of Saint Joseph roussanne and  Marsanne. Fresh, rich and straight, thinking of it makes me salivate!

This wine is served with

Saint Joseph François Villard Mairlant is best aired 20 minutes before and served around 12°c, will perfectly match a creames poultry or a grilled lobster...

Francois Villard Saint Joseph Mairlant White wine 2022 in details

75 cl
Garde 10 ans
13,5 °
50% Marsanne, 50% Roussanne
Belle rondeur
Bouche équilibrée

The domain

Cook first but always fascinated by the wine, François Villard began to acquire his first lands, in spring, 1989, on the municipality of Saint Michel (place said Poncins) in naming Condrieu. These first 400 bottles will be for sale in autumn, 1992. Today, Domaine Francois Villard account 30 ha and about twenty vintages. These numerous wines are under various naming such as Condrieu, Saint Joseph, Côte-Rôtie or still Saint Peray.
Francois Villard works brilliantly the viognier but also more recently the syrah. Every vintage wine inspires him. Both in plays on words to baptize his vintages and to create it of news. Which explains the multiplication of labels (until 18!), which has enough to make get confused of cellar in the most eclectic of the oenophiles.
Domaine François Villard is managed by a master hand, as a self-taught François Villard likes the concentrated and late harvest, to seek not overmaturity but the perfect maturity. Francois Villard wants to tend more towards organic but the tillage sometimes makes the thing difficult because they are terraces very difficult to till. Domaine Villard has therefore attempted another approach and to do things differently as far as possible, so treatments and weed killers are suppressed except on certain plots that require special effort.

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