Mas d'Espanet Eolienne

Mas d'Espanet Eolienne Red wine 2022

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The vintage Mas of Espanet Eolienne Rouge releases aromas of black fruits with mineral notes and fleshy and soft mouth.

The sommelier info

Eolienne Red wine Mas d'Espanet owns a grenache, fleshy and tender mouth. Pretty cherry colour and intense nose dominated by little black fruits aromas with mentholed and mireral shades. The old grenache and carignan vines of the Domaine offer an amazing black fruits velvety which fill the palate. The mouth is tender and delicate and ends by a mentholed note. A lot of freshness and delicacy for an easy wine to get.


Organic wine Biodynamy Organic and biodynamic wine

This wine is served with

This Mas d’Espanet Eolienne Red wine is served at 17-18°c and it is advised to open it about 1 hour before tasting. Eolienne accompanies grilled lamp chop, tagine with plums, fig magret...

Mas d'Espanet Eolienne Red wine 2022 in details

Organic wine
75 cl
Garde 10 ans
13,5 °
50% Grenache, 30% Carignan, 20% Syrah
Tannins fondus et soyeux

The domain

Located between Uzès and Sommières in Languedoc, the domaine is in Le Massif des Lens, in the heart of la garrigue. Like the previous generations of wine makers, Denys set up in 1980 in the Mas d’Espanet. The domaine is abandoned and a lot of work is needed: saving red old vines (grenache, carignan, cinsault), planting white vines (white and grey grenache, sauvignon, viogner, clairette, picpoul, chenon) which didn’t exist before. In 1999, the cellar was restored, the former sheepfolds was turned into barrel winery a d 20 hectares was vinified. Under 2 differents weather influences at the North-East Languedoc limit, the vineyard offers a great variety of soils, expositions and vines.

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