Champagne Jacquesson Extra-Brut 746

Champagne Jacquesson Extra-Brut 746

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This Champagne Jacquesson 746 represents the 2018 harvest, from the superb terroirs of Aÿ, Dizy, Hautvillers (68%), but also Avize and Oiry (32%) and some reserve wines. The cuvées in the "700" range are extremely well known for their elegance, purity and ability to age well over time. A little gem if you appreciate extra-brut champagnes.

The sommelier info

Jacquesson 746 represents a very fine year in Champagne, the harvest was good and the wines obtained offer great balance and finesse.

Discover intense, fruity, mineral notes. The nose evokes citrus fruit, brioche and pastry delicacies, while the palate offers great tension and an exceptional finish. The complexity of this champagne really develops over the years, with subtle hints of wood and white fruit appearing from time to time to delight the taste buds.

Aging in barrels and on laths lasts several months.

Dosage: 2 gr/l

This wine is served with

This Champagne Jacquesson 746 is ideal with shellfish, creamed poultry or mountain cheeses such as ewe’s milk tomme. Serve chilled at 8-10°C.

Champagne Jacquesson Extra-Brut 746 in details

75 cl
Champagne Brut
Garde 10 ans
12,5 °
57% Chardonnay, 21% Pinot Meunier, 22% Pinot Noir
Belle finesse
Grande complexité

The domain

Maison Jacquesson has always differentiated itself from other Champagne Houses thanks to its parcelmaking process. The cuvée n°700 and those that followed were born from this desire to produce champagnes of character, little dosed and bred in oak lightning. Jacquesson is (re)recognised worldwide and was the favorite champagne of Emperor Napoleon I.


Created in 1798 by Claude Jacquesson and his son Memmie, this Champagne House located in Dizy in the Marne Valley, quickly grew rapidly. Cellars were also dug in the Mont Saint Michel hill to ensure the sustainable production of champagne. A gold medal later, Jacquesson was raised among the most prestigious Champagne Houses during the July monarchy. In 1832, Memmie’s son Adolphe Jacquesson joined the company and in 1844 became the inventor of the muzzle and the champagne capsule. He also created a bottle rinse machine and a light reflection system to illuminate the cellars. Jacquesson was bought in 1974 by the Chiquet family.


The Jacquesson vineyard extends over 28 hectares, in the Marne Valley with its Grand Cru A and its two Premiers Crus Dizy and Hautvilliers as well as on the Côte des Blancs with its two Grands Crus Avise and Oiry. Maison Jacquesson favours traditional viticulture, a rather short size and organic treatments where possible. The soils are ploughed and grassed in the rows of vines, with regard to the vinification stages, the clearing remains light and no chaptalisation is carried out. An ageing in ancient oak lightning is then carried out for most Jacquesson cuvées. Here are the key steps that bring this personal touch to Jacquesson Champagnes.


The Maison de Champagne Jacquesson is distinguished by its famous “cuvée 700”, a concept that aims to produce a champagne from a blend of several years unlike the raw champagnes without year that we all know. A small presentation of the Jacquesson cuvées is required: the cuvée 745 comes from the 2017 harvest on the terroirs of the Vallée de la Marne mainly in blending with the Côte des Blancs. It is a rich champagne, with a lot of matter in the mouth and complexity. The cuvée 738 Dégorgement Tardif aged for 96 months on lees and under cork. It has a very good custody potential, as well as a remarkable freshness. Certainly very great Jacquesson champagnes!

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