Champagne Louis Roederer Vintage

Champagne Louis Roederer Vintage 2015

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Rogederer Vintage concentrates in an intense exercise, energic, the material and the strenght of this grand millésime.

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Vintage Louis Roederer has golden colour with sparkling tints that are illuminated as the bubbles rise.
It has a bouquet that is particularly characteristic of the great Pinot noir grapes from Verzenay/Verzy; 
A dense, round, and voluptuous mouth, which is characteristic of Louis Roederer’s calcareous clay Vintage estate. The fruity notes are juicy and full-bodied, and become  floral with hints of rose. This is followed by acid flavours of citrus, spices, fresh wood, and black chocolate. The wine’s appeal is its lively and invigorating taste: it is structured and has a wonderful purity. The density and the fruitiness of the wine complements—in the fullest sense of the word—the freshness, elegance, and length.

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This Louis Roederer Champagne is served at 11°c. It is perfect for an aperitif and it suits pretty well with sea food like lobster or cray-fish.

Champagne Louis Roederer Vintage 2015 in details

75 cl
Champagne Brut
Garde 10 ans
12 °
70% de Pinot noir et 30% de Chardonnay
Belle rondeur

The domain

Louis Roederer is one of the oldest and most influential Champagne wineries. It is a creator of singular tastes thanks to its vineyard classified as Grands Crus and its parcellar vinifications. We all know the success story of Cristal Roederer, a must-see since its creation in 1876.


The Roederer story began in 1776 with the creation of the Maison in Reims but it was in 1833 that Louis Roederer inherited it. He will then create a style and a unique spirit for his champagnes and buy parcels of Grand Cru. Today, Maison Roederer is still family-run and is run by Frédéric Rouzaud, 7th generation. The 240 ha Roederer vineyard is composed of the historical grape varieties of the region, to produce Champagnes mainly based on Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, with a few touches of Pinot Meunier. Champagnes Louis Roederer are highly renowned and a symbol of elegance and luxury.


Maison Louis Roederer practices family viticulture and assumes that to make the best possible wines, everything starts in the vineyard and respect the nature that surrounds it. Louis Roederer Champagnes is the essence of these human and fundamental values. The protection of biodiversity, the replanting of old vines as well as their selection and the work of the horse in the most beautiful terroirs of the property are major concerns. Roederer’s peculiarity also comes from its small tanks, which make it possible to establish a very wide aromatic palette. Each year, 4 months are dedicated to the assembly of the next Louis Roederer cuvées.


The emblematic cuvée of Maison Louis Roederer is of course the Cristal Roederer, created especially for Alexander II. This paranoid Russian tsar feared being poisoned, so it was necessary to design a transparent bottle with a flat bottom to keep suspicions of explosives away. Beyond being a very beautiful bottle, Cristal Roederer champagne is also an elixir: its complexity, depth and mouth touch have proven themselves over the years. It also exists in rosé. Roederer produces vintage and non-milled cuvées, which are among the references: Brut Premier now called Collection 242-243, Carte Blanche of which 5% is aged in barrels, Vintage Brut, Rosé and Blanc de Blancs... We can also mention the Brut Nature, in collaboration with the French designer Philippe Stark: it is a vintage champagne very little dosed.

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