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Clos Marie Pic Saint Loup l'Olivette red wine 2021

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Vineyard : Domaine du Clos Marie

Languedoc Appellation : Pic Saint-Loup

Ref wine - AOC - Vine : 45% Grenache, 45% Syrah, 10% Mourvèdre

The sommelier info

The color of this red Clos Marie "Coteaux du Languedoc Pic Saint Loup Cuvée Simon" 2010 is beautiful and vigorous; the nose on the "minéralité" and on the aromas of spices. The mouth is fresh and fruity, to drink or to keep.

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The Clos Marie Coteaux of Languedoc Pic Saint Loup Cuvée Simonred wine 2010 is ideal with red meat and venison.

Clos Marie Pic Saint Loup l'Olivette red wine 2021 in details

Organic wine
75 cl
Garde 15 ans
13 °

The domain

In 25 years, Clos Marie has become a reference and is now one of the best wines of Pic Saint Loup. Clos Marie wines have reached a qualitative level that exceeds the linguistic cannons.


The Clos Marie has existed since 1995, Christophe Peyrus and Françoise Jullien have worked hard to grasp all the nuances of this exceptional terroir. This duo carried out a series of experiments before being able to compose the limestone terroir of Pic Saint Loup and then launch the Clos Marie wine in biodynamie. Managed as a condominium, this 19-hectare vineyard was almost immediately successful. Indeed, Christophe Peyrus was trained by several great winemakers who taught him all the strings of the trade and made him want to produce great local wines at Domaine Clos Marie.


Very quickly, the wines of Clos Marie were made following natural practices and going as much as possible in the direction of the vine. This choice to work in Biodynamics and a requirement of all the moments make Clos Marie’s field of excellence. Soil work and vinification without inputs therefore follow the cycle of the moon and the plant, which gives an exceptional balance to the wines of Clos Marie. In addition, these wines have a sought-after finesse thanks to a slightly higher planting density than the norm.


Now, the Cuvée Clos Marie Simon offers aromatic shades full of elegance and finesse for a Southern terroir like Pic Saint Loup, with an interesting guarding potential. As for the Cuvée Clos Marie Manon, it is a beautiful white wine from the South, complex and with a delicate aromatic and saline expression. Finally, the Cuvée Clos Marie L Olivette delivers a pleasant freshness accompanied by its subtle floral and fruity aromas. From style, finesse, freshness, Clos Marie is a Languedoc Epite to discover as soon as possible!

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