Domaine Abbatucci Général de la Révolution White wine

Abbatucci Général de la Révolution White wine 2022

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Produced in only 4000 copies, General de la Revolution white wine is a highly confidential Corsican wine. Derived from a blend of Vermentino and 5 ancient native varieties, its racial character and terroir are expressed in the nose, both powerful and complex (white fruit, butter). On the palate, the balance is perfect and the finish is exceptional. We're totally conquered!

The sommelier info

Général de la Révolution benefited from organic and biodynamic viticulture practised at Domaine Abbatucci with the utmost respect for the plant. A lee breeding was carried out for 9 months and then in a vat for 2 months after assembling the best lots, giving body and a lot of depth to this divine white wine, which ranks among the most qualitative and rare of the whole island of beauty.

This wine is served with

Général de la Révolution white wine is ideally served with grilled white meats or in sauce or noble Mediterranean fish as well as a refined seafood platter. Serve fresh at 10-12 °C.

Abbatucci Général de la Révolution White wine 2022 in details

Organic wine
75 cl
Vin de France
Garde 10 ans
14 °
Vermentino, Rossola Brandinca, Riminese, Carcajolo Bianco, Biancone, Paga Debiti
Boisé très fin
Bouche équilibrée
Notes beurrées

The domain

Domaine Abbatucci is one of the most renowned and ancient Corsican wines. It is located on the heights of the Taravo valley and offers a breathtaking view to visitors of the island. The Abbatucci family has made history and continues to cultivate its unique know-how and heritage.


The history of the Abbatucci wine estate goes back more than a century, but it was in the 1960s that Antoine Abbatucci noticed the threats to the island’s privileged and preserved environment. President of the Chamber of Agriculture of Corsica at that time, he created a conservatory of Corsican grape varieties in order to preserve them as well as possible. He also had 18 different grape varieties planted at the Domaine Comte Abbatucci on a single plot. Jean Charles Abbatucci, his son who became a biodynamist, then helped him to encourage the cultivation of the emblematic grape varieties of the Corsican soil.


Domaine Comte Abbatucci cultivates mainly indigenous grape varieties such as Sciacarello, Nielluccio and Vermentino. The Abbatucci family has always had at heart to keep practices respectful of the vine and the soil, that’s why the grape harvests are manual and only indigenous yeasts are used to vinify. The soil work at Domaine Abbatucci is constantly and conscientiously followed via biodynamic methods in order to produce high quality Abbatucci wine that promises a certain imprint of the Corsican terroir.


Abbatucci produces several cuvées such as Faustine, Valle di Nero, Monte Bianco or Alte Rosso. It also shines thanks to its cuvées of collection, in homage to the illustrious ancestors of the Abbatucci family. If the greediness of the Faustine cuvée works wonders, the structure and complexity of the Monte Bianco can also seduce you. For its part, the Imperial Minister Abbatucci deploys elegant notes of cinnamon and pomegranate while the General of the Revolution promises more spice and freshness. Finally, the Diplomate d’Empire vintage from Domaine Abbatucci is fleshy and frank in the mouth.


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