Domaine Comte Peraldi Corsica white wine

Domaine Comte Peraldi Corsica white wine 2022

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Comte Peraldi white wine is a 100% Vermentino emblematic of the terroir of the Ajaccio appellation. This pretty white, both charming and racy is a must!

The sommelier info

Domaine Comte Peraldi white opens first with aromas of ripe pear and almond. Afterwards, you can feel more subtle notes of acacia and minerals. The mouth is ample but remains fresh, which offers an exceptional balance to this white wine from Ajaccio. The finish is also mineral and very pleasant.

This wine is served with

This Comte Peraldi white wine will be served with a sea bream or grilled sea bass fillet with citrus juice, snacked seafood but also a plate of traditional Corsican cold meat. Serve fresh between 10 and 12°C.

Domaine Comte Peraldi Corsica white wine 2022 in details

75 cl
Vin de Corse
3 - 5 ans
12,5 °
100% Vermentino
Belle finesse

The domain

Comte Peraldi is located on the heights of Ajaccio and produces superb rosés, whites and reds on about fifty hectares of vineyards in the Ajaccio and Corsican Wine appellation. The terroir of Domaine Peraldi is composed of a granitic soil worked in integrated viticulture.


Domaine Comte Peraldi has existed as a vineyard since the 16th century but was only rehabilitated in 1965 by the Tyrel de Poix family to produce high quality wines with local grape varieties and to restore the image of the Ajaccio appellation. The name of the Domaine Peraldi was given in memory of Count Peraldi, a faithful defender of the Corsican heritage. Today, Guy de Poix’s children run this magnificent Corsican wine estate, nestled in the hollow of the Mezzavia hillsides and overlooking the Gulf of Ajaccio. They continue to follow an ethical approach to produce the famous Corsican wine Comte Peraldi.


Peraldi wine is made from native Corsican grape varieties such as Sciaccarello, Vermentino and Nielluccio, which grow alongside Cinsault and Carignan. Thus, the red Peraldi wines go through a long maturation, allowing them to soften, to melt their tannins and to acquire harmony and balance. They spend 2 winters in the cellar, a minimum of 16 months of aging, whether in vats, barrels or bottles after bottling. In addition, a semi-permanent grassing method is used: this allows the soils and the vines of Count Peraldi to benefit from everything they need to grow.


Comte Peraldi’s reputation has been built on its exceptional spicy white wines featuring Vermentino. The Clémence Blanc combines woody aromas with an aging process of bitter almond and honey. For its part, the Domaine Comte Peraldi White gives way to notes of aromatic herbs, a wine balanced between roundness and vivacity. The Peraldi Red is a bomb of juicy and easy to drink fruit. The Peraldi Cardinal red highlights the Sciacarello, the king grape of the Peraldi wine estate and its red fruit aromas. It is a red wine both intense and complex, with a superb ageing potential.


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