Domaine Saparale Casteddu white

Domaine Saparale Casteddu White 2023

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Casteddu white is a white wine with a nice complexity, a nose enhanced by notes of hazelnuts and white flowers. The attack in the mouth is direct and ample. The aromas of hazelnut are joined by buttery and floral notes. It is certainly a great white of Corsica that will enhane your meals!

The sommelier info

The cuvée Casteddu White from Domaine Saparale was aged in half-muids for a few months, however the work of vinification is so meticulous that the ageing is melted in the mouth. An ageing of several years will then be operated in lightning then in barrels. Finesse and structure are therefore there, to taste absolutely!

This wine is served with

Domaine Saparale Casteddu white is served with a beautiful cheese platter, a Mediterranean cuisine based on fish cooked in sauce or smoked. Serve fresh between 9 and 11°C.

Domaine Saparale Casteddu White 2023 in details

75 cl
Corse Sartène
Garde 10 ans
13 °
100% Vermentino
Belle finesse
Grande complexité
Notes beurrées

The domain

Domaine Saparale is located in the Ortolo valley, between Sartene and Bonifacio. Between the sea and the mountains, the exceptional terroir from which it benefits gives birth to fine and racy Corsican wines, but also very appreciated. Saparale is one of the most important wineries in South Corsica.


Domaine Saparale was created in the middle of the 19th century by Philippe de Rocca Serra, a lawyer and financial advisor who had traveled extensively in Africa. He undertook the construction of a vast property and planted a hundred hectares of vines, mainly Vermentino and Sciaccarello. After a meteoric rise and a gold medal in the 1900s, the vineyard was ravaged by phylloxera. It was bought in 1995 by Philippe Farinelli who did everything possible to bring the Domaine de Saparale back to life.


Domaine Saparale is located on a granite terroir, there is also a microclimate in the Ortolo Valley. Indeed, these two elements play a crucial role in the elaboration of Corsican wines. The sunshine, the low rainfall and the wind contribute to the health of the vine throughout its cycle. At Domaine de Saparale, the use of chemical products is strongly limited while fertilizers are forbidden. A part of the harvest is carried out in green and the vines are ploughed several times a year.


Saparale offers four main ranges, first of all the Domaine Saparale range, declined in the three colors it has a beautiful drinkability, freshness and the Sartenaise typicity. The Saparale Casteddu range, also offered in the three colors, is the most elegant because it comes from plots with low yields. This wine has a good ageing potential and is aged in oak barrels. Finally, there are two more confidential cuvées: Natura, offering cuvées without sulfur and Oenoteca, offering micro-cuvées.


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