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Rhum Ferroni produced by Guillaume Ferroni

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Rum Ferroni

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Best served relaxed on a summery night!

FERRONI RUM in details

50 cL

The domain

Guillaume Ferroni draws inspiration from his travels around the world, but also from his home region of Provence, and Marseille in particular. Since 2012, he has been crafting top-quality spirits: Whisky, Gin, Rum or even Pastis Millésimé and liqueurs, nothing escapes the Maison Ferroni!


Maison Ferroni has been based in Marseilles since the 18th century, when it was a key location for maritime trade, making popular many products made in faraway lands, such as rum. Also born in Marseille, Guillaume Ferroni really launched the company’s spirits production in the 2000s. This bar and spirits enthusiast also began collecting old books and manuscripts to recreate old cocktail recipes. In the 2010s, he opened several bars, including the Château des Creissauds in Aubagne. Guillaume Ferroni developed his own recipes and blends using all his know-how and research, and set up the Bariana company in collaboration with David Roussier to market his creations. As an independent bottler, importer, distiller and blender, Ferroni has more than one trick up his sleeve...


Guillaume Ferroni is at the origin of numerous experiments and creations in spirits, particularly Ferroni rum. His first amber rum was matured in barrels of Vin Doux Naturel from the Rasteau appellation, while subsequent rums come from here and elsewhere, and are aged in a variety of ways depending on the result Guillaume wants to achieve (Rye barrels, whisky barrels, barriques, foudres...). He also has a particular appreciation for white agricultural rums, so he decided to create the Dame-Jeanne range, which lists a different origin for each number. The rums are laid to rest in these atypical containers, after which time does its work. The Pastis Millésimé, made with plants grown in the Chateau des Creissauds garden, is also a real nugget. The blend of plants differs from year to year, hence the notion of vintage. Ferroni’s Gin Juillet is also made with these high-quality aromatic plants. Guillaume Ferroni continues to amaze us with his creations!

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