Domaine Gavoty Tradition white wine

Domaine Gavoty Grand Classique White wine Cotes de Provence 2023

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Grand Classique White wine from Domaine Gavoty is faithful to the reputation of whites developed by Roseline Gavoty. This Gavoty white is very fruity and elegant with a beautiful texture in the mouth!

The sommelier info

Domaine Gavoty Grand Classique White wine possesses a very beautiful one faîcheur. In the nose, this white wine reveals aromas pears and citrus fruits. In mouth, we perceive a freshness and a liveliness. A 100% Rolle whose secret is kept by Roselyne Gavoty.

This wine is served with

Gavoty Grand Classique white wine will be perfect with a grilled sea bass or at the "apéritif" with some oysters or goat cheese.

Domaine Gavoty Grand Classique White wine Cotes de Provence 2023 in details

Organic wine
75 cl
Garde 5 ans
14 °
100% Rolle
Belle rondeur

The domain


Gavoty is a wine estate that bears witness to Roman remains. The Gavoty family has focused on defending this terroir in the Côtes de Provence area while enhancing their image.


Domaine Gavoty is located in Cabasse in the heart of Provence. Philémon Gavoty acquired the property in 1806. Since then, eight generations have followed each other. Bernard Gavoty was a critic working for the Figaro. He wrote under the pseudonym CLARENDON, which gave his name to the cuvée Gavoty Clarendon of Domaine Gavoty as you currently know him. From 1985, Roselyne Gavoty took over from Bernard Gavoty and took care of the vinification. In 1989, Roselyne removed all lightning. Since 2001, she manages the entire holding with the help of her husband.


The property consists of 46 ha of one holding in production and 150 ha of wood. The production of Domaine Gavoty is 250,000 bottles, 70 % to 80 % Rosé wines, 15 % White and 8-15 % Red (following vintages). The red wines of Domaine Gavoty are known for keeping their freshness for about twenty years. Thus, the Hautbois Solo cuvée makes a passage in 400 liters, allowing it to express its woody and racial character. Roselyne Gavoty’s goal is to preserve biodiversity. Gavoty has been in Bio conversion since 2018.


The Gavoty wine produces 4 different cuvées: Gavoty la Cigale, Gavoty Grand Classique, Gavoty Récital and Gavoty Clarendon. Domaine Gavoty produces Clarendon Blanc, one of the best whites in Provence with great guarding potential. The cuvée Gavoty Clarendon is made from the oldest vineyards of the Domaine, giving it more structure and robustness. With regard to rosé, Domaine Gavoty wanted to make them elegant, silky wines adapted to the summer season.

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