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Clos Canarelli Tarra di Sognu Red wine 2020

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Tarra di Sognu is a red from old grape varieties and an exceptional terroir (Bonifacio limestone terroir by the sea). This vintage elaborated by Yves Canarelli and Patrick Fioramonti is of great purity.

Clos Canarelli Tarra di sognu is suave, elegant with a nice minerality and rather aromatic. Mainly based on Carcaghjolu Neru, we are in the presence of a unique wine! The vines are worked in Biodynamic.

This wine is served with

Tarra di sognu red wine is to be served at 18°C with red meats. Aerate minimum 30 minutes before serving.

The domain

Yves Canarelli took over the family vineyard in 1992. The Domaine is located in Figari on about thirty hectares. Clos Canarelli is also a Corsican vineyard certified organic since 2002 and biodynamic since 2006.


Yves Canarelli, its owner defends the local and ancestral varieties of Corsica, roots of the Corsican vineyard. Canarelli is a sure value of the appellation Vin Corse Figari and its cuvées are of great precision. Domaine Canarelli Corse is based on a terroir of granitic arenas. The sunshine in this area is the most important in France, but the frequent wind, and mountain currents allow it to compose chiselled wines. There is therefore a strong desire to preserve a traditional soil crop and with the utmost respect for the vine.


At Clos Canarelli there is a true passion for the terroir, meticulosity and constant research work — culture in biodynamics, indigenous yeasts, new cellar with aging chai — make these wines a marvel. The Cuvées Clos Canarelli pink, red and white are of a very high quality, original and racé, imbued with a strong personality and a beautiful purity. The White Canarelli Clos remains one of the best white in Corsica. The red and white Tarra di Sognu cuvées, from the Bonifacio terroir, are just as qualitative. They are part of the typical Corsican wines, which in themselves symbolise the renewal and dynamics of Figari wines.


Yves Canarelli is certainly one of the greatest winemakers Corses. Generous, talented, it is partly thanks to him that the Corses wines come back to the forefront of the stage since his investment in secondary family activity. Canarelli took his first steps as a winemaker in an old cooperative alongside other Corses winemakers. Thus he became known before creating Clos Canarelli and exploiting new vinification trails such as the amphores. He also honoured ancient native grape varieties.

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