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Domaine Bardi d'Alquier Faugères Les Premières Red wine 2019

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This vintage Les Premières of the Domain Jean Michel Alquier in AOP Faugères offers us a wine warm and balanced with a harmony in mouth.

The Domaine Jean-Michel Alquier "Faugères les premières" red wine, is a warm and balanced wine expressing notes of grilled and of smoked. Beautiful harmony in mouth of licorice and coffee.

This wine is served with

This Jean-Michel Alquier Faugères les Premières Red wine is served with red meat and venison.

The domain

Domaine Jean-Michel Alquier

Domaine Jean Alquier is locates at Faugères. Since 1870, 5 generations followed one another on this property family. From 1910, the grandfather and the father of Jean Michel Alquier, in 1955, worked on a restructuring to plant the first ones syrahs to Faugères in 1962. Wines of the domain Jean-Michel Alquier are "authentic" contrary to all the standardized wines which we find everywhere. Jean Michel Alquier always makes so that the beautiful and the voucher join to assure the harmony, the balance, the distinction and the pleasure. 
This vineyard Jean-Michel Alquier is an essential of Faugères !

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