Domaine Comte Peraldi Cardinal Corsica red Wine 2016

Domaine Comte Peraldi Cardinal Corsican red Wine Ajaccio
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Domaine Peraldi Cardinal 100% Sciaccarello grapes is a fresh and generous.

  • Vin de Corse Rouge - AOC - 2016
  • Grapes Sciaccarello
  • Domaine: Domaine Comte Peraldi
  • 14,5 °
  • Garde 10 ans
  • 75 cl
  • Epicé, Elégant, Structuré

The sommelier Info

Comte Peraldi red wine has supple tanins and red fruits and spices aromas.

This wine is served with

Comte Peraldi red wine from corsica is best served at 18°c and it is ideal for your sunday BBQ's.


Domaine Comte Peraldi is located on the heights of Ajaccio and produces magnificent rosés, white and red wine on about fifty hectares of vineyard "appellation" Ajaccio and Corsican wine. The vineyard was created in the beginning of the XIXth century but was't rehabilitated before 1965 to produce high-quality wines from the local vines. Today, it is the children of Guy de Poix who manages this magnificent Corsican vineyard.
The soil of the Comte Peraldi vineyard consists of a granitic ground. The 50 hectares of the vineyardI are grown in reasoned farming. Red wines stay a long time in wooden barrel  to become supple, to melt their tannins and to acquire harmony and balance and an other 2 winters in the cellar...
The name of Domaine Peraldi was given in memory of Count Peraldi, a faithful defender of the Corsican heritage. Peraldi wine is made from indigenous Corsican grape varieties such as Sciaccarello, Vermentino and Nielluccio, which grow next to Cinsault and Carignan. Thus, the Peraldi red wines go through a long rearing, allowing them to soften, to melt their tannins and to acquire harmony and balance.

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