Domaine de la Ducquerie Coteaux du Layon White wine 2019

Domaine de la Ducquerie : Côteaux du Layon - Blanc 2014
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Domaine Ducquerie proposes you this white wine Coteaux du Layon, soft and fresh tailboard on notes fruity.

  • Coteaux du Layon Blanc - 2019
  • Grapes Chenin
  • Domaine: domaine de la Ducquerie
  • 11,5°
  • Garde 20 ans et +
  • 75 cl
  • Suave, Moelleux, Soyeux

The sommelier Info

Developed from three plots of land situated on three different municipalities. It hillsides of the Tailboard of the domaine of Ducquerie reveals a perfumed nose of quince and honey, its mouth remains fresh and well-balanced. You will appreciate it in apéritif and for dessert.

This wine is served with

Coteaux du Layon of the Domain of Ducquerie shall use near 10°C, we will appreciate completely in l " apéritif and on the foie gras. We shall not leave either aside the more audacious agreements: Asian cooking, sweet dishes - salted, white meats in sugar, veined cheeses.


Domaine de la Ducquerie is a family domain situated on the same place since its origin.

His name is the name of origin of the living house which welcomed originally his forefathers.

Anecdotally, six generations ceaselessly since the 1900s worked the grape and the wine but it is especially from the post-war years by 1950 with the arrival of the mechanization that the vineyard developed.

Today, the 6th generation follows the way drawn by the former, Cyril and Céline takes advantage of the selection the best soils to develop fruity, elegant wines with the personality. It is an constituted)teamwork of 4 permanent employees who work in the vineyard for a quality grape.

Domaine de la Ducquerie

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