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By Ott Domaines Ott Cotes de Provence White wine 2021

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This white wine By Ott opens a wide possibility of agreements " dish and wine " ! A real delight !

By Ott White wine of the Domain Ott possesses a magnificent light yellow dress.
His nose is powerful but subtle declining multiple notes of very ripe mango, peach of vineyard, sap of pine and flower of locust tree.
Fills the attack is fresh, marked by lemony notes and continues by a perfect balance and a beautiful scale.

This wine is served with

By. Ott selection of Domains Ott in Côtes de Provence White wine is ideal with grilled fishes, some white meat or on salads.

The domain

Ott is an historic domaine in Provence. It is in 1896 that Marcel Ott transplants all his domains of Provence of noble vines to develop of great wines of Provence, authentic and deserving of a thousand-year-old tradition. Generations after generations, the Ott family knew how to develop a noble family of rosé, red and white wines in 3 domaines: Château de Selle, Château Romassan and Clos Mireille. In 2004, Domaine Ott joins House of Champagne Louis Roederer. Both cousin Christian and Jean-François Ott took back the set of three domaines, since 2009.
The vintage Cœur de Grain, emblematic of the Domaines Ott, is cultivated on each domaine. Domaine Ott Chateau de Selle created in 1912 is located in the upper Var, in Taradeau and produces Rosé, white and red in appellation Côtes de Provence while Domaine Ott Clos Mireille created in 1930, is located opposite the sea at the Londe product of the Rosé and the historic Blanc de Blanc appellation in Côtes de Provence. Finally, Domaine Ott Chateau Romassan, created in 1956, produces Rosé as well as red in the Bandol appellation. The BY OTT range in rosé, red and white is a perfect representation of Provence and Ott wine.

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