By Ott White wine

By Ott White Wine 2022

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This White Wine By Ott opens a wide possibility of agreements " dish and wine " ! A real delight !

The sommelier info

By Ott White Wine by Domaine Ott possesses a magnificent light yellow dress.
His nose is powerful but subtle declining multiple notes of very ripe mango, peach of vineyard, sap of pine and flower of locust tree.
Fills the attack is fresh, marked by lemony notes and continues by a perfect balance and a beautiful scale.

This wine is served with

By Ott White Wine is ideal with grilled fishes, some white meat or on salads.

By Ott White Wine 2022 in details

75 cl
3 - 5 ans
12,5 °
60% Rolle, 40% Sémillon
Bouche équilibrée

The domain

In 1896, Marcel Ott replanted all his land with Provençal grape varieties to ensure the longevity of the estate as a legendary wine institution. This land had been farmed for centuries before the phylloxera epidemic, but was devastated by the disease. Since 2009, Christian and Jean-François, two cousins, have worked together to run Domaines Ott as a family business. There are three estates in total: Château de Selle in Taradeau produces red, white and rosé wines; Clos Mireille in La Londe produces rosé and the famous Blanc de Blancs; both are part of the Côtes de Provence appellation. Finally, the Bandol wine region is home to Château Romassan, which produces red and rosé wines under the Bandol appellation. However, the company’s signature Coeur de Grain Rosé is still produced at all three estates. Domaine Ott uses no chemical fertilizers or pesticides in their vineyards, and these wines reflect this commitment to preserving plant and soil life. In addition, they offer wines from the By Ott line, which includes light, fruity, and festive options perfect for any occasion. With the By Ott White, you have a great tasting experience in sight.

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