Henri Giraud

The Henri Giraud Champagne House covers just over 5 hectares, and is highly regarded for its wines aged in exceptional barrels from the Argonne forest. In fact, Henri Giraud has an agreement with the Office National des Forêts to plant 45,000 oak trees over a 10-year period.


Champagne Henri Giraud is based in Aÿ, and was founded by Claude Giraud in 1993. Henri Giraud is a Champagne house that has been family-run from generation to generation since the 17th century, and always on a human scale. Indeed, Claude Giraud represents the 12th generation of winegrowers in the family, and the cellar master is none other than his son-in-law: a rich lineage and history that spans the centuries. The commune of Aÿ is considered the capital of Pinot Noir and is also classified as a Grand Cru. The very essence of Henri Giraud is characterized by three features: the minerality of its limestone terroir, its richness and its liveliness, which, depending on the vintage, lends the wines their aniseed and menthol aromas.


Henri Giraud cuvées are matured in barrels, the wood for which comes from the Argonne forest, and whose traceability is of paramount importance to the house. Each cuvée is matured on the lees in small oak barrels, or in stoneware or terracotta containers. The result is a range of cuvées from the more traditional to the more original. Maison Henri Giraud works without weedkillers or insecticides, with a minimum of intervention and sulfites. Its chalky terroir faces due south, where the cool currents of the Marne River flow through and exert a positive influence on the vineyard. With the desire to provide its know-how in complete transparency, Henri Giraud was the first champagne house to provide access to the results of full analyses of its wines via a QR Code on its labels from 2018.


Henri Giraud produces Champagnes in a wide variety of ranges and cuvées: the cuvée Esprit is a good way to discover the Henri Giraud style, both fruity and mineral. Cuvée Hommage is THE house cuvée: superb body and fine bubbles sum up the character of its flagship grape variety, Pinot Noir. The Blanc de Craie offers in-depth work on Chardonnay, a typical, rich Blanc de Blancs to discover. Finally, Cuvée Dame-Jane is a highly original rosé, since the container of the same name was used to make this cuvée, giving it unparalleled elegance and purity! The top-of-the-range cuvées MV and Argonne are of great vinosity and remarkable intensity, a must for all lovers of great Champagnes. Champagne Henri Giraud also produces wines in the Coteaux Champenois appellation, as well as top-quality Ratafia de Champagne.

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