Château Galoupet  rosé
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Chateau Galoupet Rose wine 2023

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Château Galoupet rosé is one of the great roses of Provence, both deep and complex. It reveals a fruity nose on the vine peach and the brugnon, citrus and bitter almonds arrive afterwards. On the palate, a beautiful mineral and salty note reminds the terroir of this wine estate, it is complemented by a nice richness and an ample structure.

The sommelier info

This rosé wine is the first vintage entirely elaborated with the grapes of the property, following its acquisition by the LVMH group. This 70% recyclable glass bottle reflects a commitment to respect the environment.
Chateau du Galoupet rosé was aged in French oak barrels, for about ten months.

This wine is served with

Château Galoupet rosé matches very well with a Bresse poultry, a Provencal cuisine with aïoli or sea urchins for example, as well as desserts with red fruits or citrus fruits from the region. Serve fresh at 8-10 °C.

Chateau Galoupet Rose wine 2023 in details

75 cl
Garde 2 ans
14 °
Grenache (49%), Syrah (15%), Tibouren (15%), Rolle (12%), Cinsault (7%), Mourvèdre, Cabernet et Sémillon (2%)

The domain

Château Galoupet is housed in the heart of a lush Mediterranean flora composed of palms, lemon trees, orange trees and eucalyptus, mostly. Galoupet is located by the sea, one can admire the town of Hyères les Palmiers, Fort de Brégançon and the Island of Porquerolles from its hills.


Of very ancient origin, the Château du Galoupet appears on the first map of France drawn up by order of Louis XIV. The 77 hectares of wood and 69 hectares of vineyards from Château Galoupet were bought by the LVMH group. Her high-quality vineyard has been in organic conversion since 2020, in fact since 2019 Jessica Julmy took over the reins of the Galoupet farm in order to turn to a more respectful viticulture and has taken a real side for the environmental cause in recent years.


The vineyard of Galoupet extends, facing the sea, on 72 hectares of metamorphic and schist rocks in La Londe-les-Maures. It hosts a variety of vines: Grenache, Mourvèdre, Cinsault, Syrah, Tibouren, Rolle, Sémillon, Chardonnay, Cabernet, Calladoc, Carignan. The vineyards of the Galoupet are about 25 years old, which assures the wines of Château Galoupet character and solidity to its wines. Vinification, aging and bottling took place in a large single-contained cellar, equipped with the most modern equipment.


In May 2022, Galoupet presented its two 100 % cuvées made with the grapes of the property and the first vintage produced since its purchase. Thus, we will have the pleasure to taste the vintage Château Galoupet cru classified rosé and Galoupet Nomade in the 2021 vintage. These are two local rosées, marked by a real saline imprint that we find a lot on the wines of La Londe due to the proximity of the sea. “At Château Galoupet, we are committed to paying homage to Provence. We gradually restore the dynamics of a delicate and rare ecosystem, a boost sublimated year after year in real terroir wines”.

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