Sainte Marguerite Symphonie white
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Symphonie White wine 2021 Château Sainte Marguerite

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Symphonie by Chateau Sainte Marguerite white, vinified in barrels, is complex and harmonious.
Symphonie is a top-of-the-range wine in the three colors rosé, red or white.

The sommelier info

Chateau Sainte Marguerite White Symphonie moves by its frank subtlety. Its nose is fine and complex with scents of citrus, vanilla and honey and toasted notes.
The mouth is aromatic and finely honeyed with a long finish.
It can also be waited two years before tasting it.

Note that the wines are not only organic but also Vegan.

This wine is served with

Chateau Sainte Marguerite white wine cuvee Symphony is to be of use in 10-11°c to the apéritif, with grilled red mullets, cuttlefishes, salad of octopuses.

Symphonie White wine 2021 Château Sainte Marguerite in details

Organic wine
75 cl
3 - 5 ans
13 °
100% Rolle

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The domain

Chateau Sainte Marguerite, located in La Londe-les-Maures, Provence, has approximately 170 hectares of vineyards. Although the land of the estate has been cultivated since ancient times, it was André Chevillon, a concert pianist, who founded it in 1929. The Fayard family acquired it in 1977 after having loved this property. Since 2021, Pernod Ricard has been investing in the business and making some changes. Domaine Sainte Marguerite was one of the first to guarantee wines without animal inputs, it is certified vegan since 2015 and organic since 2000. Because the Fayards leave nothing to chance, Sainte Marguerite has obtained the Côtes-de-Provence La Londe appellation, which guarantees a unique terroir thanks to the presence of four different soil types in the commune of La Londe. This is why the wines produced by Château Ste Marguerite, which come in two varieties - Symphonie, from neighboring plots and the property, and Fantastique, from the property’s own plots - are of great quality. The white and red wines have proven themselves in Provence, but the rosés have become an institution. Discover the Symphonie White vintage of Château Sainte Marguerite, a concentrate of happiness in a bottle.

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