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Château Simone White wine Palette 2021

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Chateau Simone is part of this very small Palette appellation near Aix en Provence. The Simone Blanc is renowned for its impressive magic and guard potential. We particularly like the aromatic and finely wooded bouquet of this Chateau Simone White Wine.  
This white wine from Palette is one of the best white wines in Provence!

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Château Simone White Wine is of supreme elegance. In her youth, her dress is golden and her aromas combine floral and fruity notes finely wooded. The whites of Chateau Simone have an exceptional shelf life, gradually adorning themselves with an old gold hue, they develop a bouquet that is both delicate and powerful. The best wines in Palette appellation!
The vines are over 50 years old, no weedkiller, aged in small oak lightning for 8 months. This Château Simone Blanc is therefore a high-end cuvée that becomes increasingly confidential...

This wine is served with

Chateau Simone White Wine marries beautifully with grilled fish, a lobster, a cheese platter or poultry.

Château Simone White wine Palette 2021 in details

75 cl
Garde 15 ans
13 °
80% Clairette, 10% Grenache blanc, 6% Ugni blanc, 2% Bourboulenc, 2% Muscat blanc
Belle rondeur
Boisé très fin
Grand vin

The domain


Chateau Simone wine has become known over the decades to become an integral part of the Provençal and even global wine landscape. Indeed, when we think of Provence, Chateau Simone comes directly to mind because these wines have become highly sought after.


Château Simone is located four kilometers from Aix en Provence in the municipality of Meyreuil. The monks produced wine there in the 16th century. This former bastide of the Grands Carmes d’Aix, has been owned by the Rougier family since 1830. Today it is Jean Francois Rougier who is the head of this magnificent Domaine. The vineyard is a mosaic of plots in a wooded decor. Thanks to the historical reputation of its wines, Chateau Simone is now one of the jewels of the Provençal terroir. The reputation of Château Simone also comes from its famous bottles, to the very recognizable label of classic and elegant style.


Today, the wines of Chateau Simone are very high in the wine hierarchy of the region, including Chateau Simone White wine, which is one of the best Blancs of Provence. White production is about 50 %. “La Simone” is a white guard, racy, extremely elegant. As they age these white wines become increasingly complex and develop a powerful and refined bouquet. The harvest is manual and the winemaking takes place at Chateau Simone, as the strict specification of the Palette appellation wants.


Chateau Simone wine is in appellation Palette, located near Aix en Provence. The appellation Palette is a very small appellation and has only 4 Domaines. Pallet covers only 46 hectares on a limestone, skeletal and stony terroir, there is also a particular microclimate in this area. The AOC Palette offers great watch wines, such as the bottles of Château Simone White wine, Château Simone Red wine and Château Simone rosé, which can be kept very well in cellars for about ten or fifteen years.

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