Domaine Bunan Moulin des Costes Charriage Bandol Red Wine

Domaine Bunan Moulin des Costes Charriage Bandol Red Wine 2021

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Discover a prestigious Bandol wine with long ageing potential with Moulin des Costes Charriage Red. Domaine Bunan takes us on a journey of bewitching flavors of cedar, blackberry and black pepper. The best of the Mourvèdre grape is fully expressed in this gastronomic cuvée.

The sommelier info

Charriage is made from old Mourvèdres, about 45 years old, and a small percentage of Syrah. The oldest plots have been scrupulously chosen on the Moulin des Costes terroir.

The wine is aged in barrels to obtain optimal maturity and concentration. Mentholated notes give relief and complete the rich aromatic palette of this ambitious wine. The finish is of course long and tasty, to keep the taste of this nectar for a long time.

Organic wine

This wine is served with

Moulin des Costes Charriage Red is best served with game birds such as pheasant with figs or curry cream, thrushes stuffed with foie gras and truffles, quails with red wine or a traditional duck with orange for example. It is preferable to keep this wine for several years in the cellar before tasting it or to decant it at least one hour before tasting at 18°C.

Domaine Bunan Moulin des Costes Charriage Bandol Red Wine 2021 in details

Organic wine
75 cl
Garde 20 ans et +
Mourvèdre : 98%, Syrah : 2%

The domain

Domaines Bunan is composed of three terroirs located between Castellet and La Cadière d’Azur: Moulin des Costes, Château la Rouvière and Bélouvé. Bunan is mainly known for its Bandol wines, although Côtes de Provence are also produced. Today, it is one of the most influential properties in the appellation.


It is often said that wine is a passion that is shared and rightly so at Domaine Bunan: the first generation of winemakers is none other than the grandparents, Felix and Lucie. Their children Paul and Pierre quickly caught the virus and today it is the third generation that is taking up the torch. Claire, Philippe, Françoise and Laurent work together to share their passion and their emotions through local wines. Let’s go back in time, in 1954, Paul Bunan heard about the Bandol appellation for the very first time in magazines. A few years later, in 1961, he settled with his brother Pierre in La Cadière d’Azur. The Moulin des Costes terroir was born. In 1969, they bought their second terroir at Château la Rouvière in Le Castellet, and in 1978, the Bélouvé lands were put back into use to produce Côtes-de-Provence appellation wine.


Domaine Bunan is a family estate, with strong values that have been passed down from generation to generation: respect, authenticity and sharing. Since 2008, the estate has turned to organic farming in order to produce the highest quality grapes possible and to cultivate the natural richness of each parcel. Bunan treats its vineyard with exclusively natural products, carries out a green harvest and a selective picking in order to respect the maturities as much as possible. The wine is generally aged in French oak barrels or foudre for a year and a half or more if necessary. This is the trademark of the appellation and even more so of Bunan Bandol wine.


Moulin des Costes is the first terroir acquired by Bunan. It produces traditional Bandol wines from the typical restanques of the appellation. Old vines of Mourvèdre and Grenache offer wines ideally balanced between roundness and depth on the Moulin des Costes vintage. Charriage is a cuvée that allows the old vines to really express themselves, we feel even more complexity and maturity. Still in the Bandol appellation, Château La Rouvière is one of the acquisitions of Domaine Bunan. It produces two ranges: Mas de La Rouvière with wines with velvety and deliciously fruity tannins and Château La Rouvière, for structured, intense and complex wines. Finally, Bunan also produces Côtes de Provence with Bélouvé, a classic style property, expressive and greedy.

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