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Domaine Fontchene Les Antiques Red Wine 2021

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Aupiho cuvée is the great wine of Domaine Fontchêne, René Milan does wonders with this cuvée produced at only 3000 bottles!

From Roussanne, Marsanne, Grenache blanc and Chardonnay, this cuvée is raised on fine lees for 12 months.
The harvests are manual on vines driven in biodynamics.

The sommelier info

Domaine Fontchêne Aupiho White wine has a complex nose and charm of quince, dry apricot, lime.

The mouth is round and greedy. It is a balanced wine with delicately spicy notes that play between floral freshness and dried fruit.
We end up with a nice tension and notes of yellow and citrus fruits.

This wine is served with

Fontchêne Aupiho is a perfect cuvée to enjoy with a grilled turbo filet and spinach cannelloni, or cream morels on a potato rösti. Serve between 13 and 14 degrees. Decanting possible.

Domaine Fontchene Les Antiques Red Wine 2021 in details

Organic wine
IGP Alpilles
75 cl
Garde 10 ans
13,5 °
Roussanne, Marsanne, Grenache blanc, Chardonnay
Belle rondeur

The domain


Last born in Saint Rémy de Provence, Domaine Fontchene was recently born thanks to René Milan’s desire to share his passion for nature and winegrowers’ wines. Its great potential was quickly noticed and since then the wines of Fontchene have the wind in stern.


René Milan was born and raised in Saint Rémy, proud of the terroir of the Alpilles, he highlights it by creating wines from Fontchene in his image: authentic and alive. “Listening, observing and learning!” has always been the leitmotiv taught by his father, himself a winemaker. Indeed, René Milan’s passion for the vine comes first and foremost from his family. As a nephew of Henri Milan, also a winemaker in Saint Rémy, creating his own estate quickly became obvious, especially after his visit to Chateau Romanin, an emblematic domain for biodynamics in Provence.


For René Milan, working in biodynamics was essential since these viticultural methods contribute to the life of the soil as well as that of the Fontchene vines. In 2014, he conducted tests to compare the effects of organic farming and biodynamics on a plot of 2 hectares, the results were evident with much higher biodiversity and a more active plant in biodynamics. Since then, he uses the lunar calendar, natural preparations based on quartz, medicinal plants and cow dung, practice a soft pruning, manual harvest and separate vinifications for each plot, Domaine Fontchene puts every chance on his side in the making of his wines.


Domaine Fontchene now has 3 ranges: Leon, Les Antiques and Aupiho. In common, these wines have their exceptional balance and freshness linked to the terroir of the Alpilles and the work done in the cellar to preserve the very essence of the grape varieties grown. The Léon range is vinified in stainless steel tanks, as well as the new range Les Antiques (formerly the Léon range) and 12 months of barrels, including 10 % new barrels for the Fontchene Aupiho white cuvée. René Milan’s wish is to maintain complexity and depth at the end of the ageing process.

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