Tour Du Bon Bandol Saint Ferreol Red wine 2018

La Tour du Bon Saint Ferréol Bandol Red wine
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Tour du Bon Bandol Saint Ferréol is reserved, strict and upright, its spicy, peppery...

  • Bandol Rouge - 2018
  • Champagne Charpentier
  • Grapes 90% Mourvèdre 10% Grenache
  • Domaine: La Tour du Bon
  • 13,5 °
  • Garde 20 ans et +
  • 75 cl
  • Epicé, Charnu, Généreux

The sommelier Info

Saint Ferréol Tour du Bon Bandol vineyard of the rather witty name, and sometimes impenetrable depths, pays homage to this grape variety, which is at once omnipresent (90% in this wine) and so difficult to define, and to our plot of land, made up of so many different soil types. Tobacco, truffles and lilies combine with Carignan's acidity, which opens up the wine and brings out the brilliance in its shadowy depths.
The name was chosen by chance. It so happens that this saint, soldier and monk was excluded from his order because of his excessive harshness.

This wine is served with

Tour du Bon saint ferreol red wine is served with red meat and a serrano ham with a twist of Szechuan pepper.


Domaine de la Tour Du Bon  is 1600 acres large 12 acres of vines up the hill facing the sea where the sun the wind and the typical soils allowed the grapes to grow beautyfully.
Located at the  brulat du castellet nord west of Bandol appelation . The vinyard allow a 360 ° seesight overlooking : The  Ste Baume,  Mont Caume, The Castellet village,  Gros Cerveau, le Cadière d'azur village and the baie of La Ciotat with the  Bec de l’Aigle.
La Tour du bon was baught by  the Hocquard's family  Agnès Henry Hocquard runs today the compagny.

Back in History ... A look out tower was build to help protect the village, and they called it "the tower for good  « Tour de Bon » !

 Agnes makes beautyfull wines very expessive with a nice aging potential.

No chimical use in the farming process.

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