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Domaine Castell Reynoard Bandol Clos Castell Rouge 2014

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Domaine Castell Reynoard Clos Castell Bandol

Julien Castell

This wine is served with

Domaine Castell Reynoard Bandol Clos Castell est à consommer en compagnie de viandes rouges, de charcuteries ou de gibiers. A carafer 1h avant et à servir à 16°c...

The domain

Castell Reynoard vineyard is situated at the heart of the naming Bandol, on the municipality of La Cadière d'Azur. Julien, Castell's 4th generation, resumed domaine and the technique of the biodynamic agriculture on the 7 hectares vineyard, with a base of former vineyards to increase the typicality of the Bandol wine. These wines AOC Bandol are complex, stable.
Julien Castell strives to increase the balance of fruit and wine in total agreement with the terroir of Castell Reynoard, lunar and planetary energies and launches into permaculture. The vineyard now extends over 10 hectares with a base of old vines to increase the typicity of Bandol wine.
Castell Reynoard is a family property created in 1855 by Henry Reynoard, naval officer. In 1892, he acquired the current vineyard and built a cellar there. It was sold from generation to generation in the Castell family. In 1989, Jean-Marie Castell enlarged the cellar and named the Domaine "Castell Reynoard". Since 2019 Julien CASTELL, 4th generation Castell, has taken over the domaine and steers the technique towards biodynamics.

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