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Domaine Hauvette Cornaline Baux de Provence red wine 2016

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Dominique Hauvette demonstrates masterfully his know-how on this Cornaline Red wine, which develops on notes of red fruits (cherry) and black (prune). The palate is complex and long. Superb finish on freshness and slightly minty. An elegant, powerful, fleshy and intense red wine from Les Baux de Provence...

Dominique Hauvette usually ages her wines in concrete egg, although this cuvée spent 1 year in truncated vats and 1 year in old lightning. She respects like nobody the origins of the soil and the authenticity of her terroirs to produce magnificent reds.


This wine is served with

Domaine Dominique Hauvette Cornaline Red is to be served at 18°C and aerated between 30 and 60 min before tasting. Suitable for all red meats, roasted, cold as in sauce!

The domain

Domaine Hauvette is a reference! The discreet winemaker Dominique Hauvette moved to Saint Rémy de Provence in 1988. She makes her first harvest while she owns only two hectares. Today, it grows 16 hectares in appellations Les Baux-de-Provence and Vin de Pays des Alpilles.


Domaine Hauvette continuously produces great red and white wines from Provence. The biodynamic culture since 2003 and the vinification without suffering by scraping and infusion respect the origin of the soil and the authenticity of its terroir. Domaine Dominique Hauvette has embarked on a breeding of its wines in “egg” tanks. These are cement-free eggs (zero magnetic field) where acidity and limestone claim their ying and yang neutrality. A stone cellar has also replaced the original cellar, allowing the creation of wines from the guard Domaine Hauvette Baux de Provence.


Domaine Hauvette produces mostly red wines, beautiful racy cuvées with a potential for keeping. These include the cuvée Domaine Hauvette Cornaline composed of Grenache, Syrah and Cabernet-Sauvignon with its notes of black olive and truffle. The famous Amethyst cuvée is also known for its freshness, composed mostly of Cinsault with aromas of garrigue and cherry. Not to mention the white Hauvette cuvées such as Dolia slightly smoked with fennel aromas or Jaspe, sweet but also bitter on the finish.


It is the consecration for these wines from Provence whose qualities are no longer to be proved. In 2020, 3 stars in the Guide des Meilleurs Vins de France are awarded to Hauvette Dominique and her Domaine, in addition to the many awards already earned in the past. With the help of the Mediterranean climate and the closest to the environment, Hauvette strives to produce great wines always with respect for the terroir and its convictions. 2020, this is also the year of consecration for Dominique Hauvette as she was elected the best winemaker of the year by the Revue des Vins de France!

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