Clos Saint Vincent Le Clos red wine

Clos Saint Vincent Le Clos Bellet Red Wine 2021

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Clos Saint Vincent red wine Bellet is suple and velvety, an obvious expression of delicacy.

The sommelier info

Clos Rouge Clos Saint Vincent is made from hand-picked harvests. Grapes are collected at the optimum of their maturity and are carefully selected to bring the best of the crop.

Vinification is done in inox barrel with a manual cap-punching, the barreling duration can last until 30 days. The wine is put into bottle from 12 to 16 months of oak cask raising. some noble sediment might appear. 

With a pretty ruby robe, this pleasant wine has character which is gradually developing along the years. 

Le Clos Rouge is produced between 5 000 ans 7 000 bottles depending on years, 40 Magnums and 8 Jeroboams.


organic wine biodynamic Organic and biodynamic wine

This wine is served with

This Clos Red Wine by Clos Saint Vincent is ideal with partrige, thrush and other birds, but also with red meats. It is served at 15-16°c to respect the finess of the structure.

Clos Saint Vincent Le Clos Bellet Red Wine 2021 in details

Organic wine
75 cl
Garde 10 ans
13,5 °
Folle Noire, Grenache
Belle finesse
Boisé très fin
Bouche équilibrée

The domain

Le Clos Saint Vincent is a small estate located in Nice on the heights and enjoys the very confidential appellation Bellet. In the spring of 1993, the Sicardi and Sergi families acquired the property of Clos St Vincent.


After being a bodybuilder, restaurateur... Jo Sergi started planting in 1997. A winemaker very attached to the land and its terroir, he was soon recognised as emblematic thanks to Clos Saint Vincent Bellet. No chemicals are used. The vines are treated in Biodynamie according to a lunar calendar with preparations of vegetable origin such as nettle herbal teas, animals such as manure compost or mineral like crushed silica. Clos St Vincent is family. The relaunch of Clos Saint Vincent began with the extension of vines (6 ha) and with the adaptation of production by cultivating the land with strict respect for the environment


Domaine Clos Saint Vincent now has 10 hectares. Gio Sergi and his son Julien produce wines with great sparkle and precision. Clos Saint Vincent White is more winey than the classic Provence White wines. The Clos Saint Vincent Red with a dominant black madness offers us a rare floral freshness in the area. As for the Clos Saint Vincent Rosé 100 % Braquet is an Ovni. And it is certainly not only for reasons of proximity that he was served at the wedding of Prince Albert and Charlene! The Vino di Gio cuvées are exceptional and are among the best wines in Provence!


How to talk about Clos Saint Vincent and its wines without making a small focus on the Bellet wine or Clos Saint Vincent Bellet. This is a very small appellation that extends over the commune of Nice, covering almost 50 hectares of wine-growing area, in the department of Alpes-Maritimes. This appellation allows the cultivation of its own grape varieties, which can be found almost only on this appellation: the Braquet, the Black Folle, the White Folle and of course the Rolle. Clos Saint Vincent wine is one of the flagship areas, which has made it possible to highlight these high-quality terroirs.

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