Domaine de Trevallon Bouches du Rhone White wine 2018

Domaine de Trevallon White wine

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Domaine de Trevallon white wine very rare but amazing!

  • Vin de Pays des Bouches du Rhône Blanc - 2018
  • Grapes 34% Roussanne, 34% Marssane, 12% Clairette, 10% Grenache Blanc, 10% Chardonnay
  • Domaine: Domaine de Trevallon
  • 13 °
  • Garde 15 ans
  • 75 cl
  • Grand vin

The sommelier Info

Domain of Trevallon White wine  is more than a great wines of Provence.

Trevallon White wine, has a light yellow golden reflections, with notes of cut grass, white flowers, citronella and honey. The finish reveals delicate notes of safran.

This wine is served with

The Domain Trevallon Vin de pays of Bouches du Rhône white wine is best put in a decanter half an hour before tasting. Perfect with mediterranean grilled fish. To be served around 11°C


Towards Saint Rémy de Provence, we find the Domaine de Trevallon of which its vineyard extends over 17 ha in an alive and protected nature. It is Eloi Dürrbach who crashed the first vines in 1973 among which 15 ha of red with some Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah and 2 ha of whites constituted by Marsanne and by Roussanne. In 1960, the Dürrbach family acquires the Domaine Trevallon. The particular labels of bottles are René Dürrbach's works, father of Eloi.

Domaine de Trevallon

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